Four days, Six hikes

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend three nights at the beautiful and historic Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH, in the heart of the White Mountains and in full view of the Presidential Range.  I took a few photos of the resort and its view.

Mt. Washington Hotel and Presies
Mt. Washington Hotel and Presidential Range

Although I was there for an office retreat, I took advantage of the free time before breakfast, and before dinner, to enjoy six short hikes around the area. On top of my longer hike to Mount Ellen on Sunday, it’s been a 30.3-mile week.  You can view all photos, in roughly reverse order, or check out each hike below.

  • Tue PM: Mount Hale [photos] 4.4mi
  • Wed AM: Mount Willard [photos] 3.2mi
  • Wed PM: Ammonoosic River [photos] 3.0mi
  • Thu AM: Sugarloaf mountains [photos] 3.2mi
  • Fri AM: Mount Oscar [photos] ~3mi
  • Fri PM: Arethusa Falls and Frankenstein Cliffs [photos] 5.1mi

Although these are small peaks – only Mount Hale counts as a 4000’er – most of them have great views. Indeed, only Mount Hale had no view at all. My favorites were Willard, Sugarloaf, and Ammonosic Upper Falls and Arethusa Falls. On Mount Oscar (the top of Bretton Woods ski area) I had views west at Mount Hale and the Sugarloafs, and east to a glorious sunrise over Mount Washington. I also found that early mornings are great for spotting wildlife – a large turkey on the Willard trail and a bear cub near the Sugarloafs. What a great week!

David on Frankenstein Cliffs
David on Frankenstein Cliffs

Mount Ellen, VT

A nice hike today with long-time friend Lelia.  We zipped up Mount Ellen, on the Long Trail in Vermont, from the west via the Jerusalem Trail.  It was a cloudy day, threatening rain, but we reached the treed summit in two hours and spent a pleasant hour sitting at the top of the Sugarbush chairlift enjoying the sun-speckled view to the east. Continue reading “Mount Ellen, VT”

Noonmark mountain

Last week Andy and I had to drop off John at Camp Dudley a day early, so we spent the day hiking in the nearby Adirondack Mountains. These mountains were my childhood stomping ground, and it’s always a treat to be able to visit there again and climb mountains that, in some cases, I climbed 40 years earlier. Continue reading “Noonmark mountain”

Appalachian Trail backpacking

The boys and I recently took a three-day backpacking trip along the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) not far from home. [See photo gallery.] Pam dropped us off at a remote road crossing on Cape Moonshine Road, Lake Armington and just south of Ore Hill.  Andy and John were wearing new backpacks and carrying more than they ever had before, which was helpful, but my pack still managed to weigh in at 52 pounds.  It’s a good thing we didn’t have an aggressive agenda.

Continue reading “Appalachian Trail backpacking”

A week in the Lake District of England

map showing location of Ambleside in UK
Ambleside is in northwestern England

[see SmugMug gallery for more photos]

Every year I attend the MobiSys conference; this year it was held in the beautiful Lake District of northwestern England.  I had heard so much about this area – a walker’s paradise, people said – so I decided to go early and to bring along my son John.  We flew from Manchester to Manchester (NH to UK, that is) and drove to Ambleside, in the center of the Lake District.  It was pouring rain, but the rental-car agent assured us that it wouldn’t last (more on that later). Continue reading “A week in the Lake District of England”

Welcome to my new blog site!

With the demise of MobileMe hosting of iWeb sites, I decided to give WordPress a try.  I’m sitting here with my son in the Philadelphia airport just about to head out on our latest adventure: 10 days in the Lakes District of western England, including a visit to my home town – literally, my birthplace, near Manchester.