Moosilauke under a brilliant blue sky

When I was climbing Moosilauke on a steamy summer day last year, I tried to estimate how many times I’ve been up this mountain since my first climb in September 1982. I’m sure I’ve climbed it more than 50 times.  Certainly once a year and usually twice a year, once in winter and once in summer or fall. It never gets boring or old, because I see something new on every trip, enjoy conversation with friends old and new, and enjoy seeing how the mountain and the view will appear in today’s weather. Winter weather is often most exciting; I’ve been on the summit in 50mph horizontal snowstorms with rime ice building up on my balaclava and in which I wasn’t sure whether I could find my way back to the trail.  Today was not one of those days.

Approaching the main summit, from the ridge.

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Jekyll Island, Georgia

I had the good fortune of attending a conference and meeting at the historic Jekyll Island Club on Jekyll Island, a barrier island on the coast of Georgia.  It is rich with history and wildlife, has a beautiful beach, and a wonderfully preserved set of historic mansions. Cool tidbit: this is the site of the first transcontinental phone call.

Jekyll Island Club, and croquet pitch

Osprey landing on its nestCheck out my favorite photos, all shot on Thursday, except for the first shot of the clubhouse itself.  Perhaps my favorite shot is of the osprey landing on its nest, at right.