Purana Qila, National Museum, Delhi

A few sights that I had missed on previous visits to Delhi.

I had an extra day in Delhi so I decided to see two of the many sights that I had missed on previous visits: Purana Qila and the National Museum. Read on!

Bada Darwaza = west entrance; Purana Qila, Delhi
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Qutb Minar

Finally, a visit when I can actually see the historic tower.

On my first visit to Delhi, in December 2008, I was disappointed by our visit to this monumental piece of history.  It was, as so often happens on December mornings, densely foggy.  We could barely see higher than our own heads, and thus the towering minaret of Qutb Minar, 73m in height, was virtually invisible.  Today I finally got to see it! read on…

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