Lucknow is an ancient city, now the capital of Uttar Pradesh and bursting with nearly 3 million people. I spent a fascinating morning exploring some of the palaces and mosques of the nawabs.

I spent a morning visiting a few historic sites in Lucknow [location], before hopping a plane homeward.   I have many photos in a Lucknow album. Read on!

The second gate to Bara Imambara; Lucknow.
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Lucknow to Kanpur, and return

A road trip to reach Kanpur.

After landing in Lucknow airport, I took a taxi to IIT Kanpur [location], about 75km and about two hours.  A fascinating visual experience.

On the way back, I experienced traffic gridlock surrounding the visit of the President of India.

The taxi ride was visually fascinating.  After living in the bustling city of Bangalore, it was different to drive through a rural, agricultural area.  Unfortunately, my camera jammed after taking the photo below, so I’ll try to capture some of the highlights in words.

On the way back, however, I snapped a lot of photos of Kanpur before the light faded. I saw many things I could not photograph; read on!

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