Braunwald to Nussbüel

A beautiful walk from Braunwald to Nussbüel for lunch at an alpine restaurant.

Although it certainly feels like spring in Zürich – what with the daffodils blooming everywhere and tulips soon to come – it’s still early March and I’m still eager for some more winter.  So Andy and I hopped the S25 out of Zürich this morning and headed for the Glarusalps, hoping to get a little time in the snow.  Ninety minutes later we boarded a funicular train for the village of Braunwald, high above the Glarus valley, and soon left behind the green valley for a winter wonderland.  Read on, and check the photo gallery.


It snowed yesterday, dumping 2-6″ of fresh powder on top of a decent base, and there were many other families arriving to ski the new snow. Our destination was more relaxed, however; the website suggested a gentle walk to Nussbüel, 6km round-trip and virtually level, along a gravel road used by horse carts.  As a bonus, there is a delightful open-air restaurant at the endpoint.  We strolled through meadows covered in fresh powder, softening quickly in the strong March sun, enjoying outrageously beautiful Alpine views.2020-03-08-81831.jpg

In one place the path crossed the remains of a small avalanche, with the path already cleared again, reminding us of the sometimes tenuous nature of these snowfields on steep slopes.2020-03-08-81848.jpg

The Wirtschaft Nussbüel restaurant was lovely, with tables nestled in a warm south-facing deck looking out at the Alps.  The small staff bustled to keep up with a steady stream of visitors, but the food and beer was good and the weather too fantastic to be in a hurry.  The jingle of bells announced the arrival of a colorful horse-drawn carriage bringing tourists who preferred not to walk.2020-03-08-81892.jpg

On return to Braunwald we watched the paragliders run, one by one, down the slope and off into the calm blue sky.  What a day!2020-03-08-81934.jpg

Check out the full gallery.  Beautiful day for photos!


Author: dfkotz

David Kotz is an outdoor enthusiast, traveller, husband, and father of three. He is also a Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College.

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