Oxford University

I made a quick visit to Oxford University to give a research talk in the Computer Science department.  My schedule allowed a bit of extra time to explore, and (with the help of two generous graduate students) I was able to see some of the major colleges within the university, as well as some of the main shopping district.  The campus (and town) is impressively old, with elegant academic buildings at every turn.  A quick climb to the top of the tower on University Chapel gave me an excellent vantage point to see the overall layout, and one student’s tour included a stop in the Hogwarts dining hall – better known as Christchurch College dining hall.  Impressive place!  More photos in the gallery.


Cambridge University

I made a quick visit to Cambridge University, to deliver a talk in the Computer Science department and to visit colleagues there and at the neighboring Nokia Labs.  The schedule allowed me a little time to wander the courtyards of Jesus College, where I had spent the night, and its beautiful chapel – the oldest building still in use at Cambridge.  (Astonishing, in this 250th year of Dartmouth College, to visit a university that was already five hundred and fifty years old when Dartmouth was founded.)

I decided to walk from there to the distant CS building, through the streets of Cambridge. (Sadly, most of the historic campus exists in walled compounds, like Jesus College, only open to members of the university.)

It was fascinating to walk along streets named after famous scientists, or for that matter, through the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematics.  (Not far from the Bill Gates CS building or the Gordon Moore library, actually.)  Lovely day!2019-09-30-72369.jpg

More photos in the gallery.



David in London.I’m just wrapping up a quick trip to London, where I attended the annual UbiComp conference.  Such a treat that several of the major conferences are located in Europe this year, while I am as well.

Astonishingly, I have not been to London for more than 40 years!  Hard to believe it, but my one and only prior visit was during a family trip the last time I lived in Europe.  London has changed a bit since then… but I see they still have the iconic phone booths.

As I strolled by some of the major London landmarks – snapping photos of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Imperial College London – I was sad that I did not have more time to stop and explore.  The conference schedule is packed with interesting talks and networking opportunities, so I’ll just have to return some other time and do the tourist thing.  Fortunately, I’ll be back in two weeks for a Dartmouth event and hopefully will have more time to explore during that visit.