A beautiful hike to Kronberg in the Appenzell region, under blue skies and with spring-like conditions.

Today I went hiking with a colleague from the University of St. Gallen, about an hour to the east of Zürich.  Our goal was the summit of Kronberg, 1662m, with fabulous views of Mount Säntis and the Alpstein region to the south, and deep into the Swiss Alps to the west and the Austrian Alps to the east, as well as to the grand expanse of Lake Constance to the northeast.  Read on and check out the gallery.

Someone has stomped out a Heart in the snow.


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St. Gallen

A brief visit to the beautiful town of St. Gallen.

We made a short overnight visit to St. Gallen, a pretty little town in the eastern edge of Switzerland.  We were there for an evening banquet, hosted by my professor host at the University of St. Gallen, and stayed overnight so we could explore the town the next day.  We spent a few hours to stroll the history ‘old town’, the famous Abbey of St. Gall, and its Christmas markets.  Unfortunately the library at the Abbey was closed for cleaning, but we enjoyed their small museum about the this thousand-plus year-old archive of documents.  (“Since 1983 the whole remaining abbey precinct has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”)  The old town has many beautiful half-timber buildings and oriels, elaborate multistory bay windows.  Many of the squares and streets had stalls selling crafts and Christmas wares, and in one square we encountered three old men playing music on their alphorns.  Fascinating!

Streets of St. Gallen's old town, Switzerland.See the photo gallery for more.  If you want to keep up with our adventures, “Follow” this blog via email or RSS at right.