A week in Singapore during the Ubicomp conference. Delectable!

2018-10-10-60561I’ve just returned from Singapore, where I attended the Ubicomp/ISWC joint conference.  Excellent conference, and a wonderful opportunity to catch up with colleagues from all over the world.  It was also an excellent opportunity to re-visit some of Singapore’s delightful attractions, and even more notably, its delectable palate of restaurants.  (My prior visit to Singapore was just over two years ago, for the MobiSys conference.) A large fraction of my photos are of the foooood.  Read on!

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Singapore and Cambodia

After my trek on Kilimanjaro I had to attend the MobiSys conference in Singapore, so I sent my trekking gear westward with Ken while I headed east.  While planning the trip I realized that Cambodia and the famous ruins of Angkor Wat were a short hop away, so I extended the trip with a quick visit there.  What a contrast with Kilimanjaro and Tanzania – but what a great opportunity!

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