A week in Singapore during the Ubicomp conference. Delectable!

2018-10-10-60561I’ve just returned from Singapore, where I attended the Ubicomp/ISWC joint conference.  Excellent conference, and a wonderful opportunity to catch up with colleagues from all over the world.  It was also an excellent opportunity to re-visit some of Singapore’s delightful attractions, and even more notably, its delectable palate of restaurants.  (My prior visit to Singapore was just over two years ago, for the MobiSys conference.) A large fraction of my photos are of the foooood.  Read on!

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Singapore and Cambodia

After my trek on Kilimanjaro I had to attend the MobiSys conference in Singapore, so I sent my trekking gear westward with Ken while I headed east.  While planning the trip I realized that Cambodia and the famous ruins of Angkor Wat were a short hop away, so I extended the trip with a quick visit there.  What a contrast with Kilimanjaro and Tanzania – but what a great opportunity!

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From Bangalore to Sydney via Singapore.

The monsoon arrived in Bangalore, and we left five minutes later.  Or, at least, so it seemed as we struggled to load all our baggage into the taxi during a torrential downpour. It was a bittersweet ending; we are sad to leave India, though excited to begin the next leg of our travels. Read on…

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