Retroblog – Kerala

One of our favorite trips.

A dozen years ago, in December 2008, we visited the southwest corner of India for a week-long tour of the famous “Malabar coast”, taking in its Arabian sea beaches, historic sites, inland waterways, spice plantations, wildlife parks, and more. It was a fascinating experience for all the senses! The four-part series begins here.

We finish our elephant ride in the hills of Kerala. David, Mara, Andy, John, Pam.


At the end of our Kerala trip (see previous entry), we drove up into the Western Ghats to spend a few days at the Orange County Resort in Coorg [location] [in 2021, I think that resort is now at this website].  Coorg is famous for coffee plantations and cool green hills. Read on, and check out the photos.

Coffee beans ripen on the bush.
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Kerala, Part 3: the hills

Up to the cool ridge of the Western Ghats.

After our visit to the backwaters, we headed inland and uphill, to the cool ridge of the Western Ghats. Although we stayed only one night, we took a boat safari through a tiger refuge, watched demonstrations of Kerala martial arts and traditional dance, toured a spice plantation and a tea plantation, and rode elephants. Read on, and check out the photo gallery!

We finish our elephant ride in the hills of Kerala. David, Mara, Andy, John, Pam.
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Kerala, Part 2: the backwaters

Exploring the backwaters on a kettuvallam.

After a swim on the beach at sunrise, we left Thiruvananthapuram and drove north about 4-5 hours to Alleppey, gateway to the famous Kerala backwaters [location]. The “backwaters” of Kerala are an extensive network of brackish lowland lagoons, lakes, and canals that have been developed over centuries into rice paddies and villages. We spent two days exploring this interesting area. Read on, and check out the photos!

Our kettuvallam, the Bay Pride, seen from the water. (Kerala backwaters.)
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Kerala, Part 1: the coast

A few days on the famous Malabar coast.

I’m stepping back to December.  All our January travel kept me from sorting the 2,500 photos I took on our travels through Kerala and Dharamsala in December.  Read on about the First stop: Kerala (December 12-20).

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