At the end of our Kerala trip (see previous entry), we drove up into the Western Ghats to spend a few days at the Orange County Resort in Coorg [location] [in 2021, I think that resort is now at this website].  Coorg is famous for coffee plantations and cool green hills. Read on, and check out the photos.

Coffee beans ripen on the bush.

Orange County Resort is a beautiful, calm resort set in the midst of coffee plantations in the hills of the Western Ghats. Very green, with individual cottages surrounded by trees and gardens, stone pathways, and with outstanding food.

I didn’t take any photos of the resort itself, although you can see it in my father’s photos.  As it happens, we arrived just as they began their Christmas-week special program, with a huge regional-theme feast every evening accompanied by dancers and singers from that region, and lavish decorations.

Our visit was mostly a time of relaxation, but one morning my father and I went out for a birdwatching walk before breakfast – I took many photos but only a few came out well due to the low light.  We also took an excursion to visit Dubare elephant camp, a state-run reserve where they care for elephants that have been captured from the wild.  We could not walk on the forest trails, because the forest department was currently hunting several wild elephants that had been destroying villages and killing people; once they capture them, they bring them to live at Dubare. The kids gave some elephants a bath, and we watched while workers fed the elephants.

Dubare elephant camp: bathtime for the elephants! Coorg.

We then visited the nearby Tibetan village of Bylakuppe.  Yes, odd as it seems, there is a substantial Tibetan population nearby.  When the Dalai Lama fled Tibet, 50 years ago, some Indian states granted them land; Dharamsala, in the far north, in the foothills of the Himalaya, is the site of the government in exile; Bylakuppe is quiet village in Coorg.  The Namdroling Monastery and “Golden temple” were stunningly beautiful.

the Tibetan monastery and buddist temple, in Bylekuppe; Coorg.

See more photos.

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