Connecticut River canoe trip

Our annual canoe trip on the Connecticut River – this year, we reach Bellows Falls.

Pam and Andy on our CT River paddle trip.Every year we paddle a little further down the Connecticut River.  Five years ago we started at its source, on the border with Canada, and two years ago we reached our home in Lyme NH.  Not satisfied, we decided to keep going!  This year we paddled from Wilgus State Park (near Ascutney, VT) to Bellows Falls VT.  Although a short trip – two short days with a beautiful sunny Saturday in the middle – it was a lovely trip.  We camped riverside the first night, arriving after sunset and “making do” with a less-than-ideal location.  The second night we stayed at Lower Meadows campsite, a pretty location on a spit next to Meary’s Cove and the lake formed by the dam at Bellows Falls.   Continue reading “Connecticut River canoe trip”

Paddling home

Eastman Brook wetlands, Underhill Campsite.
Eastman Brook wetlands, Underhill Campsite.

We are fortunate to live on the banks of Connecticut River, in Lyme NH.  Our kids grew up on these shores, swimming and boating in the summer and poking at the river’s icy crust in the winter.  So, three years ago I thought it would be interesting to visit the source of the river, and do a little paddling in its wild upper reaches.  We thus found ourselves walking along the Canadian Border in early September 2012, and visiting each of the Four Connecticut Lakes before paddling through the shallow swift waters near North Stratford NH.  This trip inspired us!  read on. Continue reading “Paddling home”