Beaver Brook cascades

An incredible photographic journey.

After my visit to Georgiana Falls last week, I realized the tremendous photographic potential of this season. I determined to visit another appealing waterfall this weekend, and selected Beaver Brook cascades. This impressively long sequence of cascades is visible for nearly a kilometer along the Appalachian Trail as it ascends the north side of Mount Moosilauke, the trail often hugging the cascades so closely that the trail is cut into the New Hampshire granite and studded with wooden blocks to enable footing along the water-slickened rock. Read on for a glimpse of one cascade, and visit the gallery for the complete set of full-res photos!

Steep and slippery along the Beaver Brook Trail, Mount Moosilauke, NH.

Although the trail was busy with many other hikers on this cloudy day, I was content to stop every hundred meters or so, photographing each new cascade. It’s really quite impressive – only a short distance from the road crossing, one can pause repeatedly to enjoy several dozen cascades along this one kilometer of trail. It was quite tricky – especially for me, because I often left the trail to scramble across the rocks for a better angle.

Warning signs along the Appalachian Trail (Beaver Brook Trail), Kinsman Notch, NH.
A lucky find – a photographer’s blower for cleaning lenses.

At one point I realized, to my disappointment, that I’d lost a small tool that had been clipped to my tripod – a hex wrench needed for adjusting tripod plates. Dang! Second time that’s happened to me in the field. Within 20 minutes, however, photographer’s karma paid me back with this find, off trail:

I can always use another lens blower.

I took so many photos – and love so many – that I’ve put them all in a gallery for you. Here’s one sample:

Beaver Brook Cascades, Appalachian Trail, Mount Moosilauke, NH.

Visit the gallery for the complete set of full-res photos!

Author: dfkotz

David Kotz is an outdoor enthusiast, traveller, husband, and father of three. He is also a Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College.

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