Noonmark mountain

Last week Andy and I had to drop off John at Camp Dudley a day early, so we spent the day hiking in the nearby Adirondack Mountains. These mountains were my childhood stomping ground, and it’s always a treat to be able to visit there again and climb mountains that, in some cases, I climbed 40 years earlier.

Although we had all day, we were tired after a 4:30am start to the day, back in NH, and so I selected Noonmark mountain over near Keene Valley. [See the photo gallery.]

Andy climbs Noonmark
Andy climbs Noonmark; Giant Mountain in back

Easily accessible, relatively short, but with a fantastic view that some say is the best in the ‘dax. We were not disappointed! The hike is steep, sometimes very steep, in classic Adirondack fashion, averaging 1000’ per mile. There were two ladders, and the summit area is surrounded by cliffs. Thus Noonmark has a dramatic summit, with 360-degree views. Giant Mountain looms to the east, with Roaring Brook Falls evident. The Great Range is laid out across the northern view, and I can still name them all. Marcy peeks in from the northwest, but Dix Mountain dominates the view west and southwest.  At the bottom of the post I include a full panorama.

We shared the summit with a family of Brits, chattering away along one edge of the summit, and two quiet couples sitting on the other side.  Andy pulled out our kite – it’s our tradition to fly it on every summit – and used the lovely breeze to add color to the sky for a few minutes.

Andy flies kite, from Summit of Noonmark
Andy flies kite, from Summit of Noonmark

It was hot and humid, and the weather this summer had been very dry – all the little springs, and even the large brooks, were completely empty. We thus ended our hike extra thirsty, and headed back to camp for a swim and a shower.  Foiled from swimming by an arriving thunderstorm, we headed out for a fine lakeside dinner in Westport.  A great day! Andy was tired and happy, ready to start camp the next day.   [See the photo gallery.]

panorama from Summit of Noonmark
panorama from Summit of Noonmark

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David Kotz is an outdoor enthusiast, traveller, husband, and father of three. He is also a Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College.

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