Great Ocean Road and Melbourne

The Great Ocean Road along the South Ocean coast west of Melbourne.

From Kangaroo Island and South Australia we headed east along the coast.  After an overnight in Portland, we hugged the coastline along the Great Ocean Road [map location]. This 243km road hugs the rugged limestone coastline of South Australia and Victoria, connecting the seashore villages along the Southern Ocean coast west of Melbourne. Read on!

Muttonbirds migrate 30,000km between here and Alaska, every year. Australia Great Ocean Road.
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South Australia and Victoria

We drove through parts of South Australia from Adelaide down to Kangaroo Island, then eastward to Victoria and the Great Ocean Road.

Bleasdale, one of the oldest businesses in Australia. We loved their Malbec.

We drove the Fleurileu Peninsula from Adelaide down to Cape Jarvis for the ferry to Kangaroo Island, and then after returning from the ferry back up the peninsula and around the jagged coastline toward the state of Victoria.  The rolling hills of this part of South Australia are all farmland, mostly sheep and cattle but as you go east there is one vineyard after another.  We stopped at the oldest vineyard, Bleasdale, for some samples and soon came away with several bottles of their excellent Malbec.

I could not begin to capture the grandeur of such a big landscape, but I put a few photos in an album.

Often, though, it was pasture and hills as far as you could see. South Australia.

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