Photos from India

family photo
Family portrait with one of the gopurams.

Here’s a quick link to all of the photos from our trip to India (mid-December 2012 through mid-January 2013). There are galleries for Mumbai, Madurai (and Aravind Eye Hospital), and Bangalore.

At right is a photo of us visiting the main temple in Madurai, showing only one of the many gopurams (towers) at this huge temple.

‘Chitirai Thiruvizha’ in Madurai

An incredible spectacle, encountered by coincidence.

It’s 6:30am and I’m standing barefoot in the middle of the street.  Men dressed in wild, colorful costumes dance and flow around me, as others with drums and trumpets pound out a mesmerizing beat. I’m photographing as fast as the camera will go, and the men smile and are thrilled.  This morning, and this evening, are possibly the most sensory experience I’ve had in India – incredibly visual, with vibrant costumes and crowds of revelers, pulsing music from roaming bands of drummers, smells of flowers and incense, and the overwhelming crowds, heat, and humidity. Read on and do not miss the photo gallery!

many temple visitors stop and ask me to photograph them.
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Aravind eye hospital

An incredibly inspirational trip.

I’m not sure that I have ever visited a more inspiring and impressive place.  Inspiring, because the Aravind Eye Hospital mission is “to eliminate needless blindness by providing appropriate, compassionate and high quality eye care to all” – and they actually do it, for thousands upon thousands of patients, most of whom can barely afford bus fare to the hospital, let alone cataract surgery.  Their task is incredible, because India has over a quarter of the world’s blind people, and much of that blindness are curable or preventable. Their vision is audacious, because they have 5 hospitals today and aim for 100 hospitals within 10 years. Read on! and check out the photo gallery.

Madurai, India. Aravind Eye Hospital.
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