Macro snail

Not the fastest critter I’ve ever photographed.

Now that my “hiking” constitutes long walks through the streets of Zürichberg’s hillside neighborhoods, I need to keep an eye out for the smallest of photographic opportunities. Today, I nearly stepped on one as I walked out the front door.

This little fellow was cruising across the path, literally 2 meters from our building door. I put on my macro lens, lay down next to him, and popped off a hundred photos.  At one point he looked right at me – yes, I think those are eyes on stalks – just the thing any wildlife photographer loves to see in a subject.  Indeed, this subject also had the advantage of moving more slowly than the pansies I shot yesterday.  He was making his way around and over the colorful white & red blossoms dropped by the chestnut tree outside our window.

He is perhaps 5cm long when fully extended.
I’ve added full-res photos to the Macro gallery.




Macro pansy

Experimenting with a macro lens.

I’ve done very little macro photography, but while the flowers are blooming in Zürich it seemed to be a good time to pull out that macro lens (thanks dad!) and experiment a little.  I found a bed of pansies,  beautifully deep purple and dripping from a recent drizzle.  Sitting on the sidewalk, while passers-by snickered at me, I snuck in close to these pansies and explored different approaches.  Here are a few favorites – I often found it more interesting to zoom in on a droplet, or part of a petal, than on the whole flower.  I have a long ways to go to get the right exposure, depth of field, and crisp imagery.   Maybe tomorrow.

Same photos (full-res) in the gallery.