Darjeeling is most famous for its tea.

We spent three nights in Darjeeling – two before and one after our 6-day trek in the nearby foothills of the Himalaya.  Darjeeling is a “hill station”, created by the British as the summer location for the capital of colonial India (at the time, the capital was located in steamy Calcutta). We visited at the height of summer, in April, and yet Darjeeling was pleasant.  This fast-growing city of 100,000 people clings to the hilltops at nearly 7,000’ and has stunning views north into Sikkim and the massive Kangchenjunga peak (8,586m or 28,169’) — the world’s third-highest peak. Read on!

Seen from Darjeeling, Kangchenjunga is the centerpiece, at 28,169 ft.
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