Final day

The twin peaks of Zürich.

Today is our last day in Zürich, our last day in Switzerland. I will reflect more on the overall experience in a future post, but for now, let me reflect on this final day. I decided go hiking – but to stay close to home, and to re-visit the twin peaks of Zürich by having breakfast on Uetliberg and lunch on Zürichberg.

I’ve been to Uetliberg several times, either on foot or by train. Today I took my original route – the steepest, most direct route – and was soon at the summit area. It was hazy and the view of the Alps was limited, but I nonetheless enjoyed tea and a pair of gipfeli while sitting in the morning breeze.

Uetliberg summit area.

Later, after some errands, I made my final climb up my usual morning route to Zürichberg, extending it a bit to reach the (wooded) summit. From there I followed gravel paths down to the 120-year-old Zürichberg Hotel, which I had passed many, many times without stopping.

Zürichberg Hotel.

Today, I met Pam and Andy there for lunch on their sunny terrace overlooking Zürichsee and the distant Alps. Though the view was still hazy, it was a beautiful day and a fine meal.

Andy, Pam, David go for birthday lunch at Zürichberg Hotel.

Check out the gallery for more photos.

Uetliberg, Albisgütli to summit and down to train: Distance: 2.9 km; Time: 01:01:52 (including breakfast); Ascent:324.3 m; Min/Max Altitude:810.4 m, 855.3 m; Location: (47.35166, 8.48746)

Zürichberg, home to summit and down to hotel: Distance: 3.0 km; Time:00:35:11; ; Ascent:226.0 m; Min/Max Altitude: 635.4 m, 668.1 m; Location: (47.38222, 8.56758)

Author: dfkotz

David Kotz is an outdoor enthusiast, traveller, husband, and father of three. He is also a Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College.

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