Los Cabos

A week in Mexico to attend MobiCom, and to snorkel the warm waters around Los Cabos.

I spent a week in Los Cabos, Mexico, to attend the annual MobiCom conference.  Although the conference itself was excellent – great science, interesting colleagues, and celebrations of this conference’s 25th anniversary – I had a chance to explore some of the outdoor opportunities in the area.  Read on, and check out the photo gallery.2019-10-24-75256.jpg

Los Cabos, Mexico.“Los Cabos” is actually a small region surrounding the tip of the Baja peninsula, comprising the town of Cabo San Lucas (at the tip itself) and San José del Cabo (a few miles up the eastern shore, and closer to the airport).  The shoreline between the two is wall-to-wall resorts, and each town center is a cluster of touristy shops and restaurants.  Even now, in the shoulder season, the place was packed with tourists.

I was staying at the all-inclusive Paradisus resort, where all the conference events were held.  It was comfortable, with pleasant grounds and a nice beach, and so-so food.  I left three times, each time for an excursion to see the famous “El Arco” at the tip of the peninsula: twice by kayak, and once by sailboat, each time with a brief stop to snorkel among the tropical fish in the bay.  The snorkeling was the best I have ever seen – perhaps because of the sheer number of fish, and their presence near the surface.   The Arch was starkly beautiful, though crowded: dozens (literally) of boats would crowd into the area so everyone could get their selfies.  We kayaks had an advantage, when the water was calmer, because we could get deeper inside the little bay where the sea lions rest and the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés batter the rocks around the archway.2019-10-21-75020.jpg

On Friday afternoon I was a bit sad to leave for the flight home… but a 16.5-hour flight delay found me on an American Airlines shuttle back to San José del Cabo for a bonus night in another resort.  The morning sunrise on the beach was my final treat before departure on my long trip to Dallas, London, and finally Zurich.

More photos in the photo gallery.

Author: dfkotz

David Kotz is an outdoor enthusiast, traveller, husband, and father of three. He is also a Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College.

4 thoughts on “Los Cabos”

  1. Dave – Thanks for your excellent post and always wonderful pictures. I’ve spent a few weeks in the Baja Sur area and wanted to make a suggestion or two for a different (but still wonderful) experience if you ever go back. I note your tactful reference to wall-to-wall resorts and multitude of tourists. To escape this effect, I suggest you go north about an hour up the Pacific Coast to the little town of Todos Santos, where locals mingle with semi-permanent gringos near one of the world’s best surf breaks. Todos Santos is a settlement because of a geologic advantage that brings artesian supplies of fresh water to the surface just before the water enters the ocean. The freshwater source comes from the mountains to the east, where there are some very nice cloud forests that can be accessed by a vigorous chubber on a day hike. There are also some small and friendly eco-tourism outfits in Todos that will guide you there as well. Todos would be a very nice destination for a family vacation and one where you would be well away from the party seen in Los Cabos. Thanks again for your travel writings, it is a wonderful and vicarious way of seeing the world. Best, JD

  2. I was in Cabo San Lucas with my Baja boat. It was a great trip three years ago. How did you get to the MobiCom conference? Are the tickets sold for everyone?

    1. Not sure quite what you’re asking. I flew to the nearby airport and took a hotel shuttle to the hotel. For the kayak outing, the outfitter picks up pre-registered customers at all the local hotels, takes them kayaking, then drops them back at their hotels.

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