Back to Delhi

First stop on a tour of northern India.

We returned to Delhi, where we met up with Pam’s sisters Amy and Karen, and niece Louisa.  We’ve embarked on a tour of northern India, specifically Delhi, Jaipur, Rathambore, Agra, and Varanasi. Read on.

Top of India Gate.

We arrived mid-afternoon after our flight from Bangalore, so we saw only a few highlights on Saturday afternoon and a few more on Sunday morning: India Gate, Humayan’s tomb, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Rajghat, Chadni Chowk, and the streets of old Delhi.  We also visited a very nice Kasmir crafts shop and purchased some beautiful carpets. 

Delhi: “Professor But”, carpet salesman extraordinaire.

I did have fun capturing new photos of these places, and on the drive through Rajasthan to Jaipur.  It’s amazing how different Rajasthan (southwest of Delhi) is from Haryana (northwest from Delhi).  The villagers were busy harvesting wheat, and there were many, many camels in use in the fields or trotting along the roadside pulling carts of wheat or vegetables. 

wheat fields in Rajasthan.

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